Are you trying to figure out the reasons for a high bounce rate? Well, you’ve come to the right place!  A high bounce rate is one of the worst factors that can affect your lead generation and conversion potential. It’s why businesses everywhere are trying their best to lower the percentage of visitors who leave their website after viewing just one webpage.  If you figure out why yo... read more
Even though search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization have clearly defined roles, you can integrate CRO and SEO to benefit from considerable cumulative gains that significantly outweigh their individual values. SEO is not limited to generating traffic and leading a customer to your website. Likewise, CRO isn’t just to ensure that you reach a specific conversion ratio.  Th... read more
Are you wondering what the link is between your website structure and SEO? Well, simply put, the way a website is structured and its pages are organized have a direct impact on SEO visibility. It’s why you need to optimize your site’s structure for maximum organic search visibility, boosted traffics, and maximized conversions.  To do that, you will need to explore beyond the conventional c... read more