As a growing business, building a sustained relationship with your customers should be your foremost priority. After all, a customer is so much more than a mere sales opportunity. You can have an exceptional product or service, but if you don’t focus on customer relationships, you won’t be able to attract or retain customers. It’s where CRM software enters the picture. It can help you maintain ... read more
A well-optimized landing page of your website can play a pivotal role in improving conversions. You should consider optimization when designing the page and you must continue optimizing it for as long as it’s live. Thus, your page must intrigue your audience and compel them to act. Landing page optimization is the process that improves and enhances each element on your landing page to increase con... read more
We all know that the digital world is chock-full of misinformation and myths presented as facts. Email marketing is also not safe from this spread of misinformation. Many marketers believe and perpetuate a wide array of email marketing myths.  Believing these myths works against your goals and prevents you from creating a successful and sustainable email marketing strategy. Debunking these... read more