Frequently Asked Questions

Great Question. Marketing Tiki offers two platforms, one focused on small business marketing needs and the other for marketing agencies such as digital agencies and media companies. The small business marketing platform works for any type of business. You can be a plumber, roofer, retail store, candy shop, Gym, Yoga Studio, Real Estate Agent, Restaurant or more to be a perfect fit! Businesses that require integrations into proprietary systems such as franchises or larger corporations with a corporate office to communicate with, may find better solutions with integrations already in place. Our focus is on small businesses who don't have expensive corporate solutions available to them.

Technically, many of the features will work in any region of the world, however our call tracking numbers will only work in the US. Also, the only language we support is English at this time.  All of the add-on services will require our customers to be in the US to use.

Yes! You can update your package, both up or down at any time. You will have the choice of converting the current month to the new plan, or waiting until the next billing cycle before the change occurs. If you select to change the current month, your account will be billed for the higher rate plan upon submitting the form.

By default, we don't have a free trial because 7-14 days isn't enough time to build campaigns and see the amazing benefits of the reporting and analytics. We offer amazing support, so we are here to make your campaigns and subscription a success! That said, if you contact us within the first 15 days of the subscription and our support team cant solve your problems or we mutually agree that this service isn't a perfect fit, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Our services are all month to month, cancel any time. We do not reimburse or prorate subscriptions for our monthly customers who do not use the full month of service as our resources are allocated at the start of the month. For annual subscriptions, you can cancel anytime, however refunds will be given based on the following schedule. Cancel within the first 15 days for a full refund. Cancel after the 15th day and receive a refund only for the remaining full months of service left. Ex. Cancel on the 10th month 1 day into the month and you will receive credit for the 11th and 12th month only.

Absolutely! That's one of the key features that makes our solution different. We believe in a marketing mix to be a successful marketer. Print advertising such as newspapers, magazines, flyers and direct mail all work excellent with our solution. We offer several tools to drive print readers into your CRM, get detailed reporting and tie all your marketing into one interface, both print and digital!

We have packaged an amazing feature set into our small business marketing packages, however some of our customers would like more help with their marketing needs and we offer custom packages for these customers on an as needed basis. At this time we offer custom wordpress websites, PPC (pay per click) marketing, highly targeted email marketing, direct mail marketing and social media marketing. Contact us for more details.

Absolutely! We strive to launch new features on a 3 month development cycle. We often use community feedback to help us determine our next feature launches. If you'd like to see something in your plan, please shoot us a note and we would be happy to discuss it with you!

Yes. Please reach out for more details and we can send you information on how to become a white label partner.