08 Jul

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips – A Quick Overview


An optimized Landing Page increases the chance of engagement, here are the top 5 landing page optimization tips. Read more

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips 

A lot of these tips have to do with your web copy and design. Therefore, don’t be afraid to update your design and monitor how it affects your conversions.  

1. Make Your Company’s Offer Clear

Your audience should immediately understand what your company offers when they visit your landing page. Therefore, your web copy should iterate that succinctly and clearly. At the same time, make sure your words help your potential customers feel positive emotions. You want them to feel smart, inspired, appreciated, and excited. Use words like “empowering” to elicit positive responses from them.

2. Simplify the Design

Don’t bombard your potential customers with visual details. Instead, the design should direct your audience’s attention to the call to action. Remove every bit of information or element that does not improve the chances of conversion.

3. Use a Straightforward Call-To-Action Button

Make sure that your call-to-action button is simple and concise. Your users should know exactly what they will achieve by clicking the button. 

4. Keep Important Details Above the Fold

Make sure that the offer and the CTA are above the digital fold, which is the part that users must scroll to see. This way, your potential audience will be able to convert with a glance at your page. Use a digital scroll map to detect the fold on various platforms (mobile and desktop).

5. Include Contact Information

Make sure that your landing page includes important contact information, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and so on. This way, interested potential customers don’t have to make an effort to learn more about your product, service, or company. 

Follow these 5 landing page optimization tips to begin seeing improvements, and make sure that you update your page based on statistics. For more help and information on SEO and website optimization, reach out to Marketing Tiki today!