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A one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs

Marketing Tiki is just what you've been looking for to bring together the important goods that every small business marketing company requires to save time, drive more leads, and increase revenue. We're a digital marketing agency dedicated to assisting you in growing your company online. We bring you from the foggy to the clear and deliver a faultless digital experience. We aim to enhance your sales from leads to potential conversions by providing high-quality advertising solutions.

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How Marketing Tiki will assist you in increasing conversions:

1. Display Advertising on the Internet

To generate traffic to your landing pages and turn them into buyers, target your ideal customers in a number of highly focused methods. Fishing in the ocean is fun, but it's even better when you're fishing in a pond full of only your ideal consumers, which is exactly what our Digital Display and GeoFencing campaigns can accomplish. Identifying your potential consumer generates more leads and offers a higher return on investment.

2. Local Search Engine Optimization and Brand Management

With Marketing Tiki's corporate reputation management platform, you can take control of the dialogue surrounding your brand. This all-in-one small business software allows you to handle reviews, listings, local SEO, and more, all from one simple dashboard.

3. Email Marketing for Target Audience

Using our powerful email marketing platform, send personalised emails to your ideal customers. Sending emails to existing customers is essential, but email is also one of the most effective ways to reach out to new clients! We can personalise your email campaign and send it to a set of highly targeted prospects using our database of hundreds of opt-in emails. When done correctly, email provides one of the best ROIs of any marketing approach. The best thing is that the customers of small business marketing platforms get wholesale rates.

4. Web development and design

A well-designed, responsive website should be the cornerstone of every small business marketing strategy. Your customers will find you on the internet, and your website will be their first impression of your company. Our small business website development solutions are a cost-effective and quick method to bring your company up to speed and create a website that you can be satisfied with.

5. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC, is one of the most efficient strategies to immediately increase the traffic to your website. PPC advertisements can appear in search results, on partner websites as display ads or text ads, or you can re-target past website visitors. We can give you the advantages of pay-per-click advertising if you're ready to enhance your marketing efforts.

6. Search engine optimization

Search engines are now putting a greater emphasis on high-quality, valuable content as well as the user experience your website provides. Because Google's search algorithms are always changing and take into account hundreds of ranking indicators when analysing your website, you'll want to stay engaged on SEO at all times.

Why should you select us for your small business advertising solutions?

Most small business tools today are focused on one primary task at a time, so to implement a proper marketing strategy, you'll need several tools, all of which require subscription plans and none of which converse with one another to provide real insight into how your marketing is actually working.

Another issue is that many of these advertising platforms for small businesses offer feature sets that are built for much larger firms, and small businesses are either puzzled by them or never use them, while being obliged to pay for them as part of their subscription costs.

We decided to design our own solution after assisting small businesses in navigating these numerous tools and attempting to provide support and solutions to our customers. With  Marketing Tiki, our goal was to create a low-cost solution that combines the most crucial tools a small business needs to sell their products, engage with customers, and establish their brands. We're honoured to assist small businesses with the complexities of promoting their brands and products, and we hope to hear from you if we may be of assistance!

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