As a business owner, you would try making all the necessary efforts to give your business an edge. But if you build a website and your customers cannot find it, what’s the use? Therefore, you need to ensure your customers find your website once they are searching for a similar business like yours. That is possible with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is a popular technique that is u... read more
Did you know that 82% of people use their smartphones for an online search before they go ahead with purchases? This means digital marketing can help your brand get the status it deserves. With the rise in business demands, opting for digital marketing for a small business can be quite effective.  Every business wants to stay ahead of the competition and be a successful one. With digital t... read more
Make contact with a landing page creator company that is knowledgeable about all areas of e-commerce. At Marketing Tiki, we have the knowledge, experience, and utmost dedication to push you to new heights with each step to become the best landing page builder. We begin by determining your needs, then move on to developing a target approach. A detailed digital spree plan is methodically prepared, k... read more
Marketing Tiki is just what you've been looking for to bring together the important goods that every small business marketing company requires to save time, drive more leads, and increase revenue. We're a digital marketing agency dedicated to assisting you in growing your company online. We bring you from the foggy to the clear and deliver a faultless digital experience. We aim to enhance your sal... read more
Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, is the promotion of brands through the internet and other kinds of modern media in order to engage with potential clients. As a marketing channel, this comprises not only of email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages. Digital marketing is defined as any marketing strategy that uses digital communication.... read more
Have you ever wondered how to check the effectiveness of a website? While making the decision to create an online presence is absolutely necessary in today’s world, you should not ignore the importance of your website and the purpose it can serve in boosting your bottom line? If it is built and maintained properly a website could be a lead generator as well. To understand how, continue reading. ... read more
A CRM Software solves all business-related problems, here are 5 benefits of CRM software, know why it is necessary for your business.. It can help you maintain an excellent relationship with your customers by treating them as individuals and making them feel valued and heard. A well-crafted CRM software can help you streamline, optimize, and centralize your communications with your customers.&n... read more
An optimized Landing Page increases the chance of engagement, here are the top 5 landing page optimization tips. Read more.  5 Landing Page Optimization Tips  A lot of these tips have to do with your web copy and design. Therefore, don’t be afraid to update your design and monitor how it affects your conversions.   1. Make Your Company’s Offer Clear Your audience sh... read more
We all know that the digital world is chock-full of misinformation and myths presented as facts. Email marketing is also not safe from this spread of misinformation. Many marketers believe and perpetuate a wide array of email marketing myths.  Believing these myths works against your goals and prevents you from creating a successful and sustainable email marketing strategy. Debunking these... read more
Keywords are an integral part of SEO. They help Google bots deem your content as relevant and valuable. They also enable you to secure a high SERP ranking. If you want to run a successful content marketing campaign, you will need to conduct comprehensive keyword research on both short and long-tail keywords and their unique benefits and drawbacks.  In this blog post, we will focus on the p... read more